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Frequently Asked Questions

  • question_answerDo you cover the drone when it is in flight?

    Yes, you can choose to cover the drone for Liability only, Drone & Liability or Drone, Liability and Malicious Damage to the drone.

  • question_answerWhat does Liability cover protect against?

    Liability cover protects your legal liability for third party property damage or injury whilst using your drone.

  • question_answerCan you cover more than one drone on one policy?

    Yes. We can cover many drones on one policy. Just let us know the details of all drones that you own and we can add them to the policy.

  • question_answerIf I buy another drone during the course of the year can I add that to my policy?

    Yes. We can cover many drones on one policy. Just let us know the details of all drones that you own and we can add them to the policy.

  • question_answerIs my Ancillary Ground Equipment covered?

    We don’t cover this equipment as it should be covered under your business property insurance.

  • question_answerCan I take my drone abroad?

    Yes. We cover the drone and equipment in flight and transit worldwide subject to certain excluded territories.

  • question_answerAre there any restrictions regarding the number of flying hours?

    No. You can operate your drone(s) as much or as little as you like.

  • question_answerDo you provide any cover for practise and training?

    Both the Practice by and the training of the named operator only are included.

  • question_answerWhat are the requirements for flying a drone commercially in the USA?

    You need to have a Commercial licence to fly from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

  • question_answerHow do I obtain the permission from the FAA?

    The FAA will be able to advise you on how you can get the relevant licences and permissions. Click here to visit their website.

  • question_answerAm I covered for cyber-attack?

    We are currently unable to provide cover for this, however we are in constant discussion with insurers over possible enhancements to our policies.

  • question_answerAm I covered if my drone accidently hits something whilst in flight?

    Yes, as long as you are complying with all relevant laws and air regulations you will be covered up to the Liability limit you selected.

  • question_answerCan you provide cover for less than 12 months?

    No, we are only able to provide annual cover.

  • question_answerAre there restrictions to where I can fly my drone?

    You must abide by any law or regulation be it government or State which applies to the airspace you are flying in. However, please be aware that the regulations may vary from State to State. You must also comply with all manufacturer guidelines.

  • question_answerIf I am forced to land my drone on someone else’s land am I able to retrieve it?

    If you enter someone’s land without their permission, you may be prosecuted for trespass. If you damage any of their property when retrieving your drone e.g. crops, we provide trespass cover which will help to cover the cost of any damage.

  • question_answerAm I still insured if I make a mistake?

    In general, the policy affords insurance for liability that arises from accidents during drone operations, including operational mistakes.

  • question_answerDoes my policy include legal defense against any liability claims?

    Yes. The policies we arrange are backed by a specialist aviation insurance provider and include legal defense by professional aviation lawyers.

  • question_answerDoes the policy cover fines levelled against me by regulatory agencies or governments?

    No. The policy arranged does not cover regulatory or government actions or fines.

  • question_answerDoes the policy cover injury to myself?

    No. It only insures your legal liability for injury to others and damage to others’ property.

  • question_answerCan you cover more than one drone Operator on one policy?

    Yes, there is no restriction to the number of Operators we can cover on one policy.

  • question_answerIs cover provided for flying over water and offshore?

    Yes, we just ask that you fully comply with the local/national aviation regulations.

  • question_answerCan you insure the Emergency Services?

    Yes, we are able to offer policies to the Emergency Services.