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UAV Hull Insurance Coverage

Provides accidental damage, theft and disappearance coverage for your drone.

  • Coverage for your drone

Our Hull Insurance cover gives you peace of mind and provides an easy solution to get your drone back in the air. Your drone will be protected against theft and accidental damage under all commercial UAV applications. You can also add multiple UAVs to your drone insurance policy.

  • Coverage for your payload

Along with your drone, our Hull Insurance provides cover for your camera and other payloads. We understand your payload is a vital part of your business and our coverage ensures that you can keep your project moving. Your payload will be protected against accidental damage and theft.

We will also replace, repair or pay for your drone when damaged in an accident or when lost or stolen.

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We have you covered worldwide

Conquer the skies and operate your drone anywhere in the world with our extensive drone coverage.

UAV Liability Insurance Coverage

Provides coverage for damage and claims from third parties.

  • Accidental property damage

Our Liability Insurance cover provides protection against accidental damage to the property of others caused by your drone.

  • Accidental bodily injury

You are also covered against accidental bodily injury to a person or persons caused by your drone.

  • Legal costs

Our Drone Liability Insurance covers the legal costs arising out of accidental damage or bodily injury caused by your drone.

Purchase our Liability Insurance along with our Hull Insurance to get full coverage for your drone.

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Features and Add-Ons

We offer additional options to extend your drone Insurance coverage.

  • Malicous Damage Cover

Our Malicous Damage option covers claims arising out of the malicious and wilful acts of others intending to cause damage to your drone.

  • Multiple Drone Cover

Get coverage for multiple drones in just a few clicks and receive discounts on the premium per drone.

  • Flight Test Insurance (No additional premium)

Get flight test insurance coverage for no additional premium when buying an annual premium.

Our Hull, Liability, and Malicous Damage cover offers the most comprehensive plan you need.

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Assessing commercial drone insurance risks and liabilities

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